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I like dates (at least I do now)…

March 13, 2012

They warn you about the seven signs of aging.  And by ‘they’ I of course mean cosmetics commercials.  But there is one dead giveaway that they never even mention – changing food and drink choices.

Think about it. Did your Gran always like prunes?  Can you recall when beer went from disgusting to – well – kinda nice?  Tried eating soil since you were a kid?  No, I thought so.

That our changing food choices represent our relentless passage through life was just now (literally, just now) made cruelly apparent to me.  I just got in from the gym and fancied a snack.  So I poured out a handful of dates from the cupboard in the kitchen.  Happily munching away at my computer I looked down and was – “Whoah!  When did I start liking dates?”

I mean, has it happened before and I’ve not realised, or is this the first time?

I hated these things as a kid.  And as an adult, or at least I thought.  They look like big bugs with their wings and legs torn off, and taste pretty much how I imagine bug torso might as well.  But now I seem to quite like them.

Oh well, at least I don’t like prunes.  Yet.

Have you found anything that you like lately that you never used to?


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