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Don’t go there…

April 25, 2012

Sometimes the internet seems a bit like a free-for-all.  The anonymity – or at least the separation implied by not being face-to-face – so often gives people license to write things they never would dream of uttering out loud.  A different set of rules seems to prevail, or at least I thought.

Recently I saw a facebook post from an old school friend announcing the birth of their daughter.  Great news to be able to share, and of course there were already lots of comments from acquaintances offering their congratulations.  The most striking thing about the post, for me at least, was the name that had been chosen for the newborn.  So much so I wondered if the poster was making a joke.  The people that had commented on the update are the sort or people who are never normally shy to laugh along with a decent pun, or add in one of their own, but the comment thread was entirely clean.  Not an incredulous ‘you can’t be serious?!’ in sight.

You wouldn’t dream of commenting on someone’s choice of baby name in person, and in this instance it would seem that the same social rules apply to the internet.  So maybe it isn’t a free-fo-all after all.  And a good thing that is too!


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