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Riverdance – legs everywhere!

I went to see the Riverdance farewell tour ( in Wellington last night.  It was Fabulous!  (So much so the capital F was required).  I had expected to enjoy it (I was a teenager when the Riverdance phenomenon swept the globe: there was going to be nostalgia value at the very least), but I wasn’t prepared for how impressive it was.

The music was sensational, and performed with real energy.  The dancing was – as you might expect – superb.  What impressed me most was the showmanship of everyone involved.  You could tell that it was a true top-notch international performance from artists at the top of their game.  And who could be disappointed with watching that many shapely legs prance about a stage for an hour and a half?!

I couldn’t help chuckle when the male lead sprinted enthusiastically to centre stage.  Not at his performance, but at words uttered by Chandler Bing in the comedy series Friends….



Hi there, how’s it going?  That good huh, I’m pleased to hear it.

OK, so the plotmash project is over and I have now taken over this blog for my own evil purposes.  Mwa hahahahah!


OK, so maybe not 100% evil.  100% random maybe.  The next project off the slate is the sequel to ‘The Truth about Sharks and Pigeons’.  A number of people have expressed an interest in a sequel.  I secretly suspect this is out of politeness…

“I’ve just finished your book.  Is there going to be a sequel?”

“Sure is – Heck Yeah!”

“Oh…. I’m so pleased.”

Gotta give your fans what they asked for, especially if they are only asking to avoid hurting your feelings :-).  The working title for Bill Posters’ second adventure is ‘The Punchline’.  It was ‘The Dangers of Long Division”, but quite frankly that title scarred me too much (I hated maths as a kid).  I like this one more, as it implies humour.  It also makes sense, but to find out why you’ll have to read the book (which will be pretty difficult at the moment as I haven’t written it yet).

I’ll keep you posted.


OK, so that’s finally it: the last part of the Plotmash story is up.  It took longer than anticipated.  Sorry.

That means it’s also time for this website to change its purpose.  That means goodbye Plotmash the project, hello Plotmash my general purpose blog.  I guess what I am saying is that the number of ‘Random Musings’ on here is going to increase.  Skyrocket in fact.  If that scares you – run!

Oh, the story from the Plotmash project will be edited, proofread, hacked around and published under the title ‘Mnemosyne’.  Keep an eye out for it.




The sun crept up above the horizon, a sun I didn’t think I would ever see again. Its light reached us and I basked in its glory.

Sarah sat next to me. She hadn’t said a word since we had touched down. It had been a messy landing, but I’d had worse, I knew that for certain. It had taken all my remaining energy to get out of the cockpit and slump onto the ground in the field. I hadn’t noticed when Sarah had joined me. She looked haggard and tired. I couldn’t know what she had gone through, these past months, a prisoner as I had been.

“You’re going to need to get that looked at you know.” She nodded at my wrist, the skin tattered and oozing. I nodded. I must look even more of a state than her.

“You don’t remember who you are, even now, do you?” she asked.

It was a difficult question, now more than ever. I wasn’t sure how to answer. I knew some of who I was, who I used to be. But who was I now? I just didn’t know. The silence dragged on.

“Tell me, what do you remember of me?” Sarah asked.

I was surprised at the question. I looked across at her, the early morning light catching he dark brown hair, her serious brown eyes, and her curved lips. Something stirred within me, but I wasn’t sure what.

“I remember you bringing me food. Other than that, I know nothing about you.” For some reason I laughed. It felt good, the sound warm and natural. “I don’t know why, but I feel like I would like to know more.”

Together with the laugh it sounded like a joke, but I wasn’t sure it was. It could have been a trick of the light, but I think I saw a small smile on Sarah’s lips as she turned away to face the dawn.

Chapter 13

Something was squeaking, over and over, a repetition that clawed its way into the blackness that surrounded me.  It gnawed at me, seeming to scrape at my ears and burrow into my brain.  My body rocked slightly from side to side, then jolted as it bumped into something.

“Careful you fool,” said Dante.

The surface under my shoulders was hard and cold.  I was flat on my back but moving.  With my eyes closed I could still make out the subtle changes in light level as I passed under lights set in the ceiling.  Suddenly the squeaking noise made sense.  I was flat on my back on a trolley.

“We need him in one piece.  Mostly at least.”

The trolley paused for a second, and I heard a series of electronic beeps followed by the release of an electromagnetic lock.  The trolley moved off again, the accompanying buzz of the door release getting quieter before it was cut off entirely.  The trolley stopped dead with a thud.

“Open your eyes Adrian.  No more games, it’s all over.”

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Chapter 12

I strode down the corridor.  My head was clear, there was no pain, and I felt better than I had in a long time.  But it was temporary, almost an illusion.

“What you are proposing is madness!”  Laurent had followed me from the room and was hurrying down the corridor.

“Probably,” I smiled.

“Wait, you must wait.  You see, when you fell unconscious I didn’t know what to do.  I said that there was only really one place to turn for help.  It was the Mnemosyne lab that I meant.  I didn’t know then what you have told me, but I have already contacted them, told them that you are here.  They are sending people over.  They could be here already…”

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Annah Mac

Not really the sort of music that I tend to go for, but really enjoying the debut album from Southland Kiwi Annah Mac (  Catchy stuff with emotion.  The chorus on ‘Focus’ is particularly evocative.  A good pick-me-up song if everything is seeming blurred and tangled.  Put it on, feel the clarity.  Tingley stuff.

Oooohohoh… Focus!

Check it out, you’ll like it.