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Things I am not…

Dialectic opposition: hard soft, hot cold, good bad. Often it is far easier to say what something isn’t rather than define what something is. Politicians and other leaders use this all the time: one of the fastest routes to unity is to classify and point out what people aren’t. Definition through opposition, or maybe even apposition…

Anyway, who are you? Really? It’s a difficult question, but maybe we can take a longer (but easier?) route to the answer, by taking a leaf out of the leader’s play book. Who are you not? The answers to that question just flow and flow!

In that vein I will be loading my own list here. I don’t imagine it will be of any interest to anyone else.

Things I am not:

  • A professional cricketer
  • A deep-sea diver
  • A shell-fish
  • Someone that likes losing
  • A hairdresser
  • A horse
  • A Norse god
  • Twenty-seven river pebbles

Want to join in? Why not start your own list? Or maybe ask me if I am something or not? I promise I will answer here as my list grows!

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